Shavonne brought the perfect combination of glitz, sexiness and amazing talent to our show. Plus, she easily out-entertained our cast of Tony and Emmy Award winning performers! Shavonne is a “gay-diva” dream come true!!
— Michael Wallot, Producer/Director,
The Broadway All-Star Benefit for the Red Cross

Shavonne Conroy can embrace an entire audience from the front of the room; reaching out with her lush, lusty voice to capture the imaginations of all within earshot and rivet attention on her presence. She can sing from sweet and pretty to bawdily operatic; giving creative, compelling interpretations to songs one thinks one has heard before. Her energy fills a room; she is beautiful, and damn fucking hot! — Kile Ozier, Communications Strategist/Creative Director

She’s terrific! — Charles Strouse, Composer

Shavonne Conroy lights up the stage as Evita.  Conroy gloriously conveys the transformation of Evita from aspiring dance-hall girl to international celebrity.  She is especially effective with the ballads, notably “I’d be Surprisingly Good For You,” and breathes fire into “Don't Cry for Me Argentina.”

Conroy's soaring soprano causes this ambitious Argentine dictator’s wife to sound like a superstar. — Dan R. Goddard, San Antonio Express-News

CONCERT WITH CHARLES STROUSE: extremely attractive professional singer/performer from New York, Shavonne Conroy, sang with the group and Mr. Strouse.  Her pretty face and sultry form were as beautiful as her singing—and how those lads concentrated on their music is beyond me.  Her singing of “Children Of The Wind” was breathtaking. — Jerry Conn, Austin American Statesman

Shavonne Conroy makes a statuesque Miss Mona.... Conroy has a throaty, heart-tugging soprano for the crying-in-your-beer ballads “No Lies” and “The Bus From Amarillo.” — Dan R. Goddard, San Antonio Express-News

Shavonne Conroy is a shapely, credible Sally Bowles, the American chanteuse whose self-destructiveness is all-too-transparently veneered with tarnished brass.... — Diane Windeler, San Antonio Express-News

No revue involving multi-talented Globe winning Shavonne Conroy would be complete without excerpts from Cabaret,... the ...production that... crystallized her singular talents.  There were several, including Conroy’s emotionally involved version of “Maybe This Time.”

Shavonne wowed the crowd. — Bob Harrington, Back Stage